With 40 years of experience and continued research and development Gefran has become a leader in automation and system components for industrial process control.

Based in Italy, Gefran has divided itself into four main business areas: Sensors, Components, Automation and Motion Control. Their products are intended for a wide variety of industrial markets such as plastics, metal, energy and packaging.

European Electronics supplies Gefran parts such as Pressure Sensors, Controllers, Programmers, Indicators, Timers and Counters.

Gefran sensors are used within almost all process control systems and can monitor a range of variables such as pressure and temperature. The automation sector creates bespoke unit control panels, operator interfaces and programmable logic controllers. Within motion control, Gefran products reflect a strong focus upon the industrial photovoltaic industry and the motion control unit sector.

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#Part NumberDescription 
#1800-RR0I-00021-000Controller: 800 View
#2800-DR0I-00201-000Controller: 800 View
#3800-DR00-00200-000Controller: 800 View
#41600V-RRR0VV-1021-000Regulator: 1600 View
#51600-RRRRV0-1100-000Regulator: 1600 View
#61800-RRR0II-1220-000Regulator: 1800 View
#71800P-RRR0V0-0001-000Regulator: 1800 View
#81200-RRWR-00-2-1Regulator: 1200 View
#93400-A-0-1-RRR0-3Regulator: 3400 View
#1040T-48-4-01-RR-0-0-2-0Indicator: 40T 48 View
#1140A-96-3-00-RR-R-3-0Indicator: 40A 96 View
#122400-0-0-4R-P-1Indicator: 2400 View
#13GFX-M1-B120/480-C-D-RR-P-CVGEFLEX 25/120A Master View
#14GFX-M2-B15/0-M-R-RR-P-0GEFLEX 5/15A Master View
#15GFX4-60-T-2-0-0GFX-4 View
#16GTT-50/480-1 (480V/50A)GTT 50/60 A View
#17GF_VEDO-104CK-XE0-00-00-GGF_VEDO 10.4'' View
#18T 2015 4-20MA J 0/600°CCONVERTERS SERIES T View
#20M30-6-M-P30M-1-3-0 2130X000X00Power transducers: M30 View
#21M21-6-M-B07C-1-4-D 2130X000F00Power transducers: M21 View
#22W21-6-M-P10M-4-4-D 2130X000X00Power transducers: W21 View
#23MC1-6-H-B07C-1-4-D 2130X000X00Broadcastingt: MC1 View
#24ME2-6-M-B35D-1-5-D 2130X000X00Broadcastingt: ME2 View
#25MD1-5-M-B04C-1-1-D 2130X000X00Broadcasting: MD1 View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 23,770


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