Sew are the globally recognised leader in drive engineering and automation, with over 14.000 employees in over 60 countries. They provide movement in industry to optimise processes, along with innovation, quality and service. They manufacture modular components which are sent to assembly centres around the world. This means that local industrial needs are then provided for quickly and efficiently.

Sew has an extensive, ongoing research and development program which means that almost 550 researchers and developers are constantly working on creating the future of drive automation.

Sew offers solutions, dependent on the requirement of the particular industry, with gear motors and frequency inverters, servo drive systems, decentralised drive systems and industrialised gear units.

European Electronics is a distributor for Sew, whose drive automation is evident in conveyor belts in bottling plants, sports stadium roofs, gravel plants, assembly lines, luggage carousels at airports, escalators, or in the chemical industry.

Sews products include: Gearmotors & Frequency Inverters, Industrial Gears, Drive System and Servo Technology Gearmotors.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 MDS60A0040-5A3-4-00 SEW Eurodrive 66 KVAMovidrive View
#2 31C007-503-4-00 SEW Movitrac 18Kva Inverter View
#3 MDX61B0022-5A3-4-00 Sew Movidrive View
#4 MCV41A0075-5A3-4-00 sew drive unit View
#5 0508-231-1-00 SEW Movitrac 075KW AC Drive View
#6 3002-403-4-00 SEW Movitrac Inverter View
#7 31C011-503-4-20 Sew Movitrac 15Kw inverter View
#8 MDS60A0030-5A3-4-00 SEW Eurodrive 49 KVAMovidrive View
#9 MM05C-503-00 Motor Terminal Box Type Inverter View
#10 MAS51A015-503-50 SEW Servo Drive View
#11 31C075-503-4-00 SEW Movitrac 11Kva Inverter View
#12 MM05A-503-00 Motor Terminal Box Type Inverter View
#13 MOVITRAC 3015-403-1-00 Sew Movitrac Inverter View
#14 MDV60A0220-503-4-00 SEW Movidrive 319KVA View
#15 MOVITRAC 320A Movitrac 75KW Frequency Inverter View
#16 MDX60A0300-503-4-00 SEW Movidrive View
#17 MCF40A0110-5A3-4-00 Movidrive compact View
#18 31C007-503-4-20 SEW Movitrac 18KvA Inverter View
#19 DFS56L/TF/RH1M/SM10 SEW Eurodrive AC Servo Motor View
#20 31C055-503-4-00 SEW Movitrac 12 Amp Inverter View
#21 203CD SEW Movitrac 203CD Inverter View
#22 MDS60A0022-5A3-4-00 38KVA AC Drive View
#23 MCF41A0030-5A3-4-00 SEW 49KVA AC Drive View
#24 KW34/35/36 SEW Inverter View
#25 MC07A300-503-4-00 Sew Eurodrive Movitrac 30KW Inverter View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 318
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